As you've probably already noticed, this is highly political work. 

The party line is "we like making beautiful things", and is in direct opposition to the kinds of pictures often found e.g. in the foyers of banks or multinationals, also to exhibitions of graphic violence (and other things that upset me).

What is beautiful? what is ugly?  Politics are usually about questions with more than one answer.  We (me and my four heads) rest our case.

Mia Taffel, line and colour connoisseur, born in none of your business what year in Sydney Australia

Influences: Dr Suess, Jules Feiffer, Dick Bruna, japanese stationery, french graphic artists, Chris Dent, Kandinsky

Moved to Berlin 1989, started to draw and paint extensively:

1989 - 1992   mandarines and teapots (coloured pencils) 
1992 - 1996   animated objects (ink & watercolours)
1996 - 2009   landscapes and larger formats    (acrylic)
2009             "minimasters", limited edtition of handmade fridge magnets

Irregular production of Humbird Storytime #1 - 9 (handmade comic books)
Modern Lunacy Bad Habits Fergus the Fly  (also shot as super 8 animation short film)
! (starring Whatif) Basil Business Will and others.

Several exhibitions, mostly solo, in unexpected places - Mey's Cocktail Bar (Charlottenburg), Loewenpalais (Grunewald), Die Alte Weberei (Stralau), Cafe Mocca (Pankow)

Comissioned to paint the monthly flyer for Berghain (Ostgut) for May 2007. The original now hangs at 5 Monkeys, Brunnen Str. Berlin

Private comissions - paintings on canvas, on objects, for stencils to be printed on a privately owned white Porsche G3, individual christmas cards, hand painted t-shirt designs

 Returned to Sydney  December 2009, currently engrossed in finishing first proper children's book, The Surprise Animal.